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Lebanon, Pennsylvania 0 comments

I wish to advise you to stop forth with sending me your news letters and stop utilising my account without prior notification with me. I don't need your newsletters besides I can not use your book in my country. Why reap me off STOP.

When I purchased your book I did not know that it is for USA debt only. I thoght it could also be used on debt abroad.

Your book has proved not usefull to me besides there is nothing Ihave gained from reading your news letters

they only add menace to my gabbage.

Martin L kaiche

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Debtcures - Taking money from my account without my concert

Lebanon, Pennsylvania 0 comments

Some time last year, I bought your book "debt cures" by mistake because I thought it would help me .On reading it I found the book is only for Americans and can not be used else where.

Being a foreigner who has to return home after studies here I believe that it is not proper to reap off people by not telling them the truth. Besides you have been entering my account without any agreement I never told you that I want to become a fee paying member.

I there fore wish to advise you to stop entering my account forthwithand if I see any entries effect this date I will sue you.

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Debtcures - Debt Cures book charges you for stuff u don't order!

Seattle, Washington 2 comments
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I ordered the Debt Cures Book from purposely did not choose the Debt Cures Newsletter for the extra charge of $9.95!!!!

They sent the newsletter anyway and charged me the $9.95! I did not know that I had only 30 days to call a phone number to cancel the newsletter! I only found out by reading my credit card bill and they have charged me two times for $9.95!! Now this Debt Cure Kevin dude is supposed to be helping people, not ripping them off!

I called DebtCures, got everything canceled, called my credit card company and protested all 2 charges, next is the BBB!!

Debt Cures is a "sneaky Snake"!!!

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I was charged one $142.87 for the 1$19.95 book. I've reported this company to the Rhode Island attorney general's office and my attorney days in the process of suing.

This company is a total ripoff. Do not order anything from Kevin Trudeau.

Collegedale, Tennessee, United States #13823

this guy (kevin) is full of it!!!

i know more then one he writes on this book and i’m a regular consumer i did not even finish high school, he is not exposing anyone, all he is doing is putting down information on a book that was gather by some one else.NOt him he even says the sources , why??

because he did not go after anyone he is just nagging and nagging on the book, that’s it and giving statistics that any one with a comptuer can find on the internet, please give me a break who would not know tht if u call your credit card company you could get your interest reduced?I mean please people you are just making this guy rich buying his bs book!!!!

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